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With so many mosquito-borne viruses in the news, getting rid of mosquitoes has become increasingly important to residents of South Jersey. Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ is a mosquito and tick control service that eliminates mosquitoes and ticks that invade your yard. Trained technicians spray the active areas of your yard, preventing mosquitoes from breeding or congregating.

How It Works

Mosquito Shield is a professionally applied mosquito spray designed to kill and repel mosquitoes. It uses a three-pronged approach to remove mosquitoes from your property. First, the spray works to mask the carbon dioxide normally produced by your body. Since carbon dioxide lures mosquitoes to humans, masking it with the plant extracts and essential oils in our treatments prevents the mosquitoes from honing in to bite you, your family and your guests. Second, the other plant extracts and essential oils irritate the mosquitoes and interfere with their ability to navigate, and they immediately make their way out of the area. Third, the spray is applied and sticks to vegetation, stones, bricks, wood and other organic materials to eliminate mosquitoes present at the time of treatment. Additionally, mosquitoes that land on these treated areas are eliminated. As the season progresses, we carefully monitor changes in weather conditions and the mosquito population, and make changes to our treatments accordingly to ensure the best possible results.


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When you use Mosquito Shield, you can expect a dramatic reduction in mosquitoes. Homeowners typically notice a difference within 24 hours after the first treatment. Continuing throughout the season, one of our licensed technicians will visit your property every 10 to 17 days to perform subsequent treatments. This helps ensure that the mosquitoes do not become a problem again. Also, our Rain Shield product is incorporated into our spray to improve the effectiveness of Mosquito Shield treatments during the rainy season.

How Our Mosquito Control Service Works

Mosquito Shield utilizes a patent-pending spray technology that provides maximum effectiveness in killing and repelling both mosquitoes and ticks. We continue to monitor mosquito populations and weather conditions throughout the season, returning approximately every two weeks. The Mosquito Shield service provides a continuous coverage using the best mosquito control products and resistance management strategies to ensure that your yard remains free of mosquitoes and ticks.

When Do Treatments Occur?

We service your property from early May to mid-October. There is no re-entry time required for the products we use, so as soon as your property is treated and the Mosquito Shield product has dried (about 10-15 minutes), you can go right back to enjoying the outdoors again. Mosquito Shield is the best mosquito control option to prevent ticks and mosquitoes from overwhelming your South Jersey yard. If you need help with mosquitoes or ticks your property, contact us today to find out how our professional technicians can help.

We proudly offer affordable, effective mosquito and tick control solutions to most locations in South Jersey, including the following Locations: Woolwich Township, NJ; Voorhees, NJ; Mickleton, NJ; Haddonfield, NJ ; Mount Laurel, NJ; Medford, NJ; and Cherry Hill, NJ.

If your town is not listed please call us as we likely service your area as well.