About Us

Mosquito and Tick Control Services South JerseyIn 2013, Woolwich Township residents Tim and Janice Fullmer opened Mosquito Shield of Southern New Jersey, the state’s first location of a parent company that has established itself as a leader in mosquito and tick control since 2001.

“We were so excited to bring Mosquito Shield’s outstanding mosquito and tick control products and services to South Jersey,” says Janice Fullmer. “From a personal perspective, our own enjoyment of our pool and other outdoor activities with friends and family was often cut short by the presence of pesky, biting mosquitoes. We know our Mosquito Shield and Tick Shield services are welcomed and we are committed to using them to improve the quality of life of our neighbors in the communities of South Jersey.”

The Fullmers bring extensive business experience in marketing, customer service, business operations, and project management to their local franchise. In addition to their work experience, both franchise owners also hold MBA degrees.

“Our complementary skills help us run an efficient business with a strong focus on customer service,” Tim Fullmer said. “We see this as a business that truly addresses an important need in our community. Our goal is to be the recognized and trusted leader in mosquito and tick control in Southern NJ.”

Since 2013, Mosquito Shield has serviced hundreds of homes all over South Jersey. “Many of our customers invest a significant amount of money in their properties, from landscaping to pools, fire pits, and patios,” Tim says. “Our service allows these families to enjoy their yards and get the most out of that investment. Also, various illnesses associated with mosquitoes and ticks – Lyme disease, Triple E, and heartworm in animals – have become far too prevalent in our area. Having a service that will help safeguard against these illnesses is invaluable.”

When you contact Mosquito Shield of Southern NJ, know that your satisfaction is our priority.