Please view a selection of frequently asked questions and answers regarding mosquitoes and ticks below:

Does Mosquito Shield Really Work?

It does. You will notice a dramatic reduction in your mosquito population after the very first treatment. We are so confident in our Mosquito Shield services that we offer a money back satisfaction guarantee. Within 7 days of the first treatment, if you no longer want the service, you can cancel and receive a full refund.

When Do You Provide Service?

Our season runs from early May through mid-October. During this timeframe, we provide Mosquito Shield treatments every 10-17 days, and Tick Shield treatments every 45-60 days.

How Do You Treat My Property?

At each visit, one of our highly-trained technicians uses a professional backpack blower to treat your property’s vegetation and organic material– trees, bushes, shrubs, mulch beds, wooden decks, wooden fences, patios, etc.  We focus on the “active areas” of your property, including patios, pools, firepits, porches, and play areas.

Do We Need To Stay Out Of The Yard After The Treatments?

While our technician is performing each treatment, we request that all people and pets stay inside. But, the EPA does not require any re-entry time with the use of this product, which means that as soon as our technician is done with each treatment and it dries (usually as soon as the technician drives away) it’s okay for everyone to go back out in the yard.

How Does Mosquito Shield Work?

Our Mosquito Shield treatments impact the mosquitoes in three ways:

  1. 1) Kills any mosquitoes that are there when we spray.
  2. 2) Leaves a trace residue on vegetation and organic material so as future mosquitoes hatch and land, they’ll die.
  3. 3) The essential oils in our product also work to repel mosquitoes away from your property.

The scent of the oils blocks their sensory receptors, masks your CO2 and makes your airspace very unappealing for the mosquitoes.  They will choose to go to untreated yards where they can smell their next meal and where their navigational skills aren’t disrupted by our spray.

How Does Tick Shield Work?

Our Tick Shield treatments are applied every 45-60 days. We’re specifically treating the turf, especially near any wood lines.  Tick Shield kill any ticks that are present in the grass when we spray, as well as future ticks that venture or is dropped onto the grass.

Do I Need To Be Home For Each Treatment?

No. At the first visit, our technician will introduce himself. For all visits, you will receive an email notification the day prior to the treatment as well as another one as soon as the treatment is completed.