Mosquitoes are a common problem in South Jersey. The female of these small, flying insects feed on blood in order to develop and lay their eggs. People out enjoying their yards are prime targets for these female mosquitoes. Their bites cause irritation, itchiness, and swelling, and can spread diseases, including malaria, West Nile virus, Chikungunya and Zika virus. While it’s hard to control mosquito populations in entire cities and towns, residential mosquito control methods are available to keep these pests out of your own backyard. The most effective and efficient way to do this is through our barrier spray that not only kills mosquitoes already on your property, but also repels outside mosquitoes from entering your yard.

About Mosquitoes

Unbeknownst to most people, the tiny mosquito is the world’s deadliest animal, and North America is home to nearly 170 species of them, while New Jersey is home to over 60 species. The female mosquito lives on blood drawn directly from the bodies of mammals through its long proboscis, which can spread pathogens from one animal or person to another. Each female can also lay up to 300 eggs at one time in areas with standing water – and it doesn’t take much. Even a bottle cap filled with water can provide the female a perfect spot to lay hundreds of eggs. These pests locate their victims by detecting body heat and carbon dioxide (CO2), but as we have discovered, their ability to detect their next meal through the scent of CO2 can be used against them.


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Three-Pronged Attack

We are proud to be the top mosquito control company in Southern New Jersey, and we credit our success to an innovative mosquito barrier spray and the knowledge and skills of our experienced technicians. With over 15 years of thorough testing, we have developed a barrier spray that keeps mosquitoes at bay through a three-pronged attack. By expertly applying the spray with specialized equipment and precise spray techniques, existing mosquito populations are killed, our plant extracts and essential oils work to mask your CO2, and your neighbor’s mosquitoes are actively repelled away from your yard. Our well-trained technicians carefully evaluate your property, identifying the areas where mosquitoes live, hide and breed. After gathering all of the pertinent information and analyzing your specific situation, the technician applies our product in locations to offer the best and longest-lasting protection. Although the treatment kills any mosquitoes that are already in the area, the action of the treatment doesn’t stop there. The spray sticks to the vegetation and other treated surfaces, killing future mosquitoes that hatch and land on treated surfaces, as well as masking the carbon dioxide produced by humans as they breathe, deterring mosquitoes from flying into your yard to feed and breed. We actively protect the area by creating a vertical barrier around the perimeter to repel errant mosquitoes that would otherwise wander onto your property.

Follow-Up Visits

Our innovative mosquito service does not stop with a single visit. After the initial application, we will continue to provide service every 10-17 days, while monitoring the mosquito population and the environmental conditions to adjust the control program as needed to ensure optimal results. Contact us today for further information about our residential and commercial mosquito control and tick control services.