When the warm months of the year arrive, the days grow longer and the evenings encourage outdoor entertaining.  Unfortunately, these months also bring mosquitoes. Instead of battling these pests in your backyard with citronella candles and long sleeves, consider using a mosquito service company.

About Our Service

With the help of our trained technicians and proven services, you can continue to use your outdoor areas for casual get-togethers like barbecues with friends or your child’s birthday party. We can also provide mosquito control for major outdoor events like weddings, business functions, and extensive dinner parties.

What You Can Expect

Mosquito season in South Jersey runs from early May through mid-October.  Once you sign up for our residential mosquito control service, we will arrive to treat your home and property within five days. Before and after each service visit, we will send you an email notification. As soon as we treat your home and property, you will see a significant reduction in the mosquito population. In most cases, homeowners notice fewer of these pests within 24 hours.


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Effective Mosquito Control Service

Mosquito Shield is a mosquito service company providing effective mosquito control for residential and commercial customers. Our service can help transform a mosquito-infested space into an outdoor oasis.

Professional Guidance

If you need help with mosquito control but are unsure of your exact needs, let us provide guidance. Our team has the training and education to understand the breeding and harboring habits of mosquitoes. With our service, you can feel confident in holding any type of outdoor event in your yard, whether it’s just a family night spent on the patio eating dinner or an elegant wedding.

When You Need Pest Control Service

Since we offer a consistent and personalized mosquito service, your yard will receive a high level of protection from every spray. Our treatment programs give you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor spaces in South Jersey year-round.  Call now to find out more.