Mosquito Spray Service

The highly efficient mosquito spray service from Mosquito Shield eliminates annoying insects from your yard so that you can enjoy the South Jersey outdoor lifestyle. Our vector trained technicians study mosquito habits and life-cycles in order to provide the most efficient treatment. While your body heat and the breath that you exhale can draw them to you, our treatment offers effective eradication and keeps them away.

Understanding Our Approach

Our effective control methods use the latest scientific findings to make our treatment highly productive.  Our technicians are trained to identify potential mosquito breeding and harboring areas and use our professional mosquito spray for yards to kill these unwanted pests. While we eliminate all mosquitoes, the female mosquito is the only one that can bite you.  She does it to get protein from your blood so that she can develop her eggs.


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The Mosquito Shield 3-Pronged Approach

Our mosquito spray control program, sometimes referred to as a mosquito misting service, targets vegetation and organic material in your yard with a professionally applied spray. The spray develops a lasting result that increases in effectiveness with each treatment. We use a three-pronged approach to achieving our goal:

  • Killing Your Mosquitoes

We eradicate any adult mosquitoes that are present when we treat your property

  • Masking the CO2 in Your Breath

Our mosquito control spray masks the CO2 that attracts the mosquitoes to your area, giving you the freedom to enjoy spending time outdoors without getting mosquito bites.

  • Saturating with Misting Spray

We create a vertical “barrier” that adheres to the vegetation and organic material in your yard. It clings to the plants, brush, vegetation and other organic materials in your yard and makes your yard an unattractive space for mosquitoes.  Once it’s dry, you can’t smell it, but mosquitoes can’t stand it!  A regular program of spraying every 10-17 days helps you defend your yard against these unwanted pests.

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