Residential & Commercial Tick Control in South Jersey

Because of their size, ticks are often considered insects. However, Ticks belong to the arachnid family, which includes spiders and mites. Ticks frequently lurk in bushes and tall grass until an animal or person
brushes past, at which point the tick will hitch a ride and attach itself to feed on their prey’s blood. Ticks are known to carry a variety of diseases, and that makes them particularly dangerous. Residential tick control and commercial tick control have become increasingly popular methods of managing tick populations.

The Danger of Ticks

Because ticks sustain themselves with blood, they are known to spread diseases that are harmful to both pets and humans. People can contract Lyme disease, bacterial infections and tick paralysis as a result of tick bites. Your pets are also at risk of contracting diseases from ticks. If your pet is bitten by several multiple ticks, the pet could also become anemic due to excessive blood loss. To help protect yourself and your loved ones, consider obtaining the services of a specialist tick control company in South Jersey.


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Signs of a Tick Infestation

In most cases, the only way that you’ll know that your yard or property has become infested with ticks is by spotting them. Less frequent signs may include medical problems indicating that a tick has transmitted a disease to you, a loved one or a pet. Because ticks convey several diseases, medical symptoms will vary, so be sure to see a doctor if you suspect a tick-borne illness.

Tick Prevention Tips

If you do discover ticks in your outdoor spaces, help avoid an indoor infestation by repairing any gaps or open crevices that lead into your home. Be sure to keep your yard’s grass cut short and get rid of empty rodent or bird nesting materials – ticks love to live in these locations. If you hike or walk in wooded areas, be sure to wear long shirt sleeves and pants to prevent ticks from burrowing into your skin. Also, when your pets spend time outdoors, brush them off before they re-enter your home to get rid of any ticks that may be clinging to their fur but haven’t yet become embedded.

About Our Service

Moshield’s comprehensive residential and commercial tick control service uses a professional spray to kill the ticks in your outdoor areas.
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