Sometimes it’s the smallest things that cause the biggest problems. We’re talking about ticks that carry disease, provoke allergic reactions, and cause itching and other discomforts. We are a tick service company in Southern New Jersey that can help you get rid of the tick problems in your yard.

The Problem of Ticks

Are ticks a problem for you and your pet in your backyard or elsewhere on your property? If so, you must take action. From Lyme disease to tick-borne fevers, there is no shortage of dangers that ticks may carry. Some illnesses are potentially deadly or can develop into chronic ailments. Headaches and facial paralysis can become a permanent part of life for many people if their illness develops into chronic Lyme disease.

We Will Help Eliminate Your Ticks

We proudly offer affordable, effective tick control solutions that enable both residential and commercial clients to enjoy being outside again. We’ll help get rid of your ticks so that they no longer cause a nuisance. Our tick service company helps protect you from pesky, disease-carrying ticks. Our vector trained technicians understand the breeding and harboring habits of ticks and use that knowledge to analyze the specific requirements of your property, ensuring that the most efficient and effective treatment is provided. This consistent, individualized service provides optimal results from each treatment, thereby improving the quality of outdoor life all season long.


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Tick Control Tailored to Your Needs

Our tick service company is here to provide a affordable tick control solution to meet the needs of your home, business or outdoor event. We help protect your pets, family, friends and loved ones from ticks and the
diseases they carry using a spray treatment to help protect your yard all season long. Call us now to find out more.