Tick Spray

When spring arrives, the danger and annoyance of ticks can no longer be avoided. These tiny creatures seem to emerge with a vengeance to wreck playtime and weekend adventures. Other than the obvious annoyance, ticks can also spread illnesses like Lyme disease. To help protect your family and pets from ticks, you need more than a standard repellent. Look into tick control spray if you are in the South Jersey area.

Removing the Source

While repellent can help keep the ticks away if you remember to apply it, it is often not enough. Repellent only works to keep ticks away from the person who uses it and, over the course of the day, the repellent can wear off. At the very least, it will not help other individuals or pets that do not use repellent to prevent tick bites. To ensure that ticks are not a problem, you need a tick spray for your yard that targets the entire tick population.

The Basics of Tick Control

Typically, ticks are found in wooded areas and grasslands. There are more than 800 species located across the world, all of which require blood to live and reproduce. From an egg, the tick begins to grow through four life stages until after one to two years it becomes an adult. Once the tick is an adult, it requires blood to reproduce. If there are no blood sources present, the tick can wait for days for a host to arrive. Once a host is present, the tick will attach itself and continue to feed until it is removed.


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Preventing Ticks

Since ticks prefer areas with grass and woods, the first step is to remove brush and litter from your yard. Pets can are treated individually, and the lawn should be regularly mowed. Beyond preventative measures, you will need to go on the offensive by using a professional tick control spray for your yard or property, helping to prevent the ticks from hatching and breeding.

Long-Lasting Treatment Options

Our tick control spray can help protect your outdoor recreation areas. Our professional team targets the places where ticks frequently harbor and breed, to kill and repel these ticks. For South Jersey homeowners, tick control spray offers an efficient and safe way to enjoy a tick-free
lifestyle. Call us now!