Tick Control for Your Yard

South Jersey blooms as the weather begins to warm up. Unfortunately, the gardens and forests that make our part of the state so pleasant also make it the perfect place for ticks to live. Residents of South Jersey are now looking to find a solution for backyard tick control. In addition to Lyme disease, there are other serious tick-borne illnesses found in New Jersey. Powassan virus, Ehrlichiosis, tularemia and even Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever have occurred in our area. While some people who suffer tick bites may only display mild symptoms, others may experience fever, chills, rashes or neurological problems. The illness may go away without medical help or if you are less fortunate, progress to the point where hospitalization is required. Powassan virus even has the potential to be fatal. Tick bites are serious business.

An excellent way to help avoid these diseases is to rid your yard of the ticks that may be nesting there. Ticks are parasites that suck blood from their victims. A severe infestation on a dog or cat can lead to anemia from loss of blood. Even if your pet doesn’t become ill, it may suffer discomfort as the pests feed until they become engorged with blood, then drop off. This can happen out in the forest, or in your yard.

Ticks often move from place to place as they feed on wild animals or wandering dogs and cats. Those that find hiding places indoors can remain active throughout the winter, feeding on pets and family members. The best way to avoid this problem is to stop ticks before they invade.


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Why Choose Backyard Tick Control

Tick repellents applied to pets may protect them, but not visitors to your yard that don’t have the same protection. Over-the- counter sprays cover a limited area and must frequently be reapplied. Although
the over the counter sprays can reduce the presence of ticks; it seldom gets rid of the problem entirely.

Mosquito Shield professional tick control for yards can help protect you and your property. Whether it’s the backyard play area, the grounds of an apartment complex or the landscaping outside of your business,
our methods work throughout the season to help keep these parasites away. Don’t give the ticks a chance to take over your yard. Contact us today to learn more about backyard tick control and how we can help keep your home protected.